Most papers are acidic! Acidity can cause documents to fade and become damaged after a while.

Most papers contain lignin, a natural component of wood. After a while, the lignin will decompose the acidified paper.

Therefore, in order to save the file for a long time, please make sure that the pad you use is not only acid-free, but more importantly, it does not contain lignin.

Cotton Museum Grade Lining is the only lifetime guarantee that will give you and your guests peace of mind.

The cotton column lining is made of 100% cotton fiber.

Cotton is a natural acid-free white, lignin-free produce that does not bleach and add chemical tinctures during the making of cotton linings.

These chemicals and pollutants can reduce precious paintings and cause serious damage. Cotton Boss grade lining is an environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly product. Cotton is the agricultural product produced the following year. The cotton-lined paper made from it is free from felling forests that can breed for ten years. In addition, it is not necessary to add spicy chemical tanning agents and additives in the process of cotton fibers. Therefore, cotton-grade lining paper is of course superior to wood-free acid-free cardboard. Because the wood pulp process requires bleaching, chemicals are added and then added to make a wood-free unlined.

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