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What is the Golden Document Award

Content and images taken from「National Archives Administraion National Development Council」 Click here

Generations of high-quality products are optimized for file management systems. Various patented products allow you to manage more efficiently.

The Gold and Gold Awards are the highest honors in Taiwan's archive management industry. Its purpose is to upgrade the various agencies.
Correct understanding of document management and recognition of high-performance organizations and people. From previous years
The experience of the awards shows that participating in the awards will help raise the focus of the organization's responsible person on document management.

The management unit of the case is supported in content or spirit, and at the same time, after the award, a medal will be awarded.
Or prizes, meritorious personnel can also award prizes according to regulations, participate in gold file rewards, not only can upgrade the authorities
Archive management performance, enhance the sense of honor of institutions and individuals, and get good returns.

The above information is taken from the National Development Board Records Administration

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