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Folding storage box

The best sellers are the company's patented products. This creation is an improved structure of the archive box. For the old fixed structure, if it is not needed, it cannot be folded to occupy the space. To solve this shortcoming, research and development and improvement of the innovative structure, the file box can be folded and stored, and the storage is convenient and easy. Does not take up space.

Folding storage does not take up space
Multiple placement methods

Detailed specifications
Material: textured plastic material
Paper thickness: 245 (about 2060 lbs)
Size: A4
Color: red, blue
Specifications: 31cm (length) x 11cm (width) x 22.5 (height)


Purchase box for 60 or more, free shipping service.

The storage box is only available in A4 size and no other sizes are available.
, welcome to inquire.


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