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Texture cloth file shell

The file cover is made of cloth, which is waterproof and anti-fouling. The cloth provides a variety of color choices (please refer to the drawing), allowing managers to sort by color. Classification, management is more convenient. A plastic card holder can be added to the cover or the back of the book. The name of the cover can be changed by replacing the data card. The application is more flexible, economical and affordable.


Featured introduction
Hidden knot: The exclusive patented design has the function of protecting the knot, beautifying the appearance and neatly arranging.
Shell color: Provides multiple colors, uses color categorization, and makes the file list at a glance.
Material: wrapped in hard cloth, waterproof, anti-fouling, beautiful appearance.
One-piece: integrated file envelopes to avoid assembly inconvenience
Printing color: single-sided bronzing
Binding method: cotton rope, rivet, double casing clamp, binder (optional)


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