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H1 general type acid-free folder

This is a general type of folder with a variety of binding methods. The acid-free paper is integrally formed, and the unilateral lower clip is viscous, so that the data is placed more neatly; the elastic band is attached to increase the file fixing degree. Easy, simple and time-consuming, the archives immediately become beautiful and neat folders.

Material: no acid (non-recycled paper)
PH value: 7.0 or more
Paper thickness: 113 (about 950 pounds)
Printing method: monochrome printing, color printing
Size: A4 (≈31x23)
Book back: 3cm (adjustable)
Binding method: elastic band



Free typographic design and free shipping.
If you need to add acid-free ropes in the acid-free file box, please feel free to contact us.
For other sizes, book back width, and paper thickness, please feel free to contact us.

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